PGF Newsletter 12

PGF Newsletter 12

This month we want to share this badass 2019 Sportglide build we wrapped up just in time for the riding season! The new Harley- Davidson Sportglide came with a lot of nice features stock, but we felt like there was much to be improved upon. The inverted Showa suspension that came on the bike left a lot to be desired, and the single disc brake setup didn’t give the bike the stopping power we prefer. So in true Pop’s Garage fashion we tore the entire front end off and replaced it with a Kraus Moto inverted setup, added some Berringer brakes in the front and rear, and tossed the heavy stock wheels out for the super light BST carbon fiber ones we love so much. For the rear suspension, we added a taller Progressive Suspension shock to give the bike some more ground clearance and a more aggressive stance. Then we absolutely had to get rid of the tiny stock fairing and throw on a t-sport fairing from Conely’s that would actually offer a little protection.  A couple minor cost efficient things we did, were paint the saddle bags gloss black to match the bike, and swap out the stock bobbed fender for a full one. Those two little changes really helped transform the look of the bike in my opinion. For the cherry on top, you guys know we had to build a custom stainless steel two into one exhaust system, because…..well why not? Stop by the shop and take a look at this mean machine in person, we really enjoy talking motorcycles with customers and appreciate all the support we’ve been receiving from our patrons!


We’re excited to have some of the new Simpson Mod Bandit helmets in stock! These helmets are a real game changer when it comes to modular helmets. Most modular helmets are always lacking in style and are extremely heavy. Simpson fixed both of those issues with the Mod Bandit. The mod Bandit has all the style we know and love with the Outlaw Bandit helmet and also has the flip down visor that comes with the Ghost Bandit, which makes riding through changing light conditions as easy as a flip of a switch. Mod Bandit’s also come with integrated speaker and microphone pockets, to make it easy to install your communication device of choice. You never really know how a helmet fits you until you try it on, so save yourself the hassle of having to return a helmet, stop by the shop to try one on and let your local motorcycle shop take care of you.


Pop’s Garage Fabrication X Dickies Windbreakers are an awesome option if you’re looking for a spring time jacket that’s not so heavy, but will still keep you warm on those evening rides when the sun goes down and the air turns chilly. They are also water resistant which is a huge plus when you get caught in one of those random Georgia showers that appears out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly. They are live on the website now so check them out, and get yours while they last!






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