PGF Newsletter Issue 11

PGF Newsletter Issue 11

Is a motorcycle build ever really “done”? At Pop’s Garage we rarely feel like a bike can no longer be improved upon. This insane 2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide is a great example of what a little revamp can do for your ride this spring. This Road Glide came to us with a ton of high end features already on it that the customer loved, he just wanted to improve the ergonomics of the bike. At the end of the day you can put the best parts money can buy on a motorcycle, but if it hasn’t been tailored to fit the rider, it may not be comfortable. Sometimes it’s the little details that matter the most. So in order to get everything just right for the owner of this bike, we brought him in and let him sit on the bike and listened to his wish list. We ended up switching out the bars for a set that were a couple inches higher, we ditched the solo seat and threw on a Saddleman gel covered one, replaced the floorboards and foot controls with some Mad Jap Kustoms fully adjustable ones, replaced the fairing with a Russ Wernimont Designs FXRT fairing for some better wind coverage, then last but not least, built a custom stainless steel 2-1 exhaust system to really open up the Stage 4 kit it already had. When all was said and done, the finished product is what we feel is one of the baddest Road Glide’s on the street today!


We are happy to announce that we now carry Rokform Iphone mounts! We all use these mounts on our personal bikes and can honestly say that they are second to none. They are a game changer for anyone riding on a bike without an infotainment system. The mounts are extremely versatile, fitting any bar between 7/8″- 1 1/4″ and allow 360 degrees of adjustability. Grab a mount in either anodized black or polished aluminum, pair it with a waterproof case and you’ll be ready for whatever mother nature throws at you! Tap the link and check them out.


For the month of February we wanted to put the spotlight on our brand new fleece crewneck sweaters. These are handmade in the USA with each tag featuring a brief description of the seamstress or tailor that sewed it. They were embroidered with the Pop’s Garage Fabrication classic logo right here in Atlanta, Ga. Definitely one of the highest quality sweatshirts you will come across, wash it and dry it as much as you like because these guys will NOT shrink! Certified and ready to take a beating! Available in black and ash grey while supplies last, click the link to get yours.



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