PGF Newsletter Issue 6

PGF Newsletter Issue 6

Summer may be over, but we’re still bringing the heat with this 2018 Roadking Special build we just wrapped up! It’s not often that we look at a bike and have the thought that it’s “done”, but that’s exactly what took place when we got this beauty back from Star Power last week. We weren’t looking to do anything too crazy with this Roadking, the idea was to keep it simple and build an awesome, reliable daily driver. So with that in mind we started out by trying to reduce as much weight as possible off the bike. We accomplished this mainly by throwing a pair of our favorite BST carbon fiber wheels on, and building a custom titanium exhaust to get rid of the heavier aftermarket exhaust the owner had on it when it came to us. Then we lifted it up a little in the rear with some Ohlins USA 13” shocks and to our pleasant surprise we’ve found the stock front suspension to ride really nice once the heavier rims were removed. After that we added some Galfer rotors and Beringer brakes and controls for the extra stopping power we knew we would need after Star Power finished up the motor build. Which we are glad we did, because this beast put up some serious numbers on the dyno. It rung in at 150 HP and 140 ft lbs of torque! All that power and it still cruises around the city smooth as butter.

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With this amazing Fall weather we’re experiencing right now in Georgia, I’ve had quite a few people ask me about routes to take for a Sunday cruise in the mountains. I have quite a few short day trips I enjoy taking in North Georgia, but the Suches loop, or mini Dragon’s Tail as some people like to call it, has got to be my favorite! Cruise up to Dahlonega via Ga-400 or Hwy 53 and stop in downtown Dahlonega to grab some lunch and explore some of the cool shops. Then just continue north on Hwy 19 until you see State Route 60 on the left. Once you hop on State Route 60, just shift down to a low gear and enjoy the switch back turns, and the amazing scenery that North Georgia has to offer in the Fall months. When you cruise into Suches take a right onto Wolf Pen Gap Rd, and continue on through the twisties until you come to Hwy 19 again, take a right on it and that will loop you right back to Dahlonega. Round trip if you live in the metro Atlanta area this entire trip is only about 4-6 hours with plenty of places to stop and stretch your legs or do some sight-seeing. So in my opinion it’s a perfect ride to head out on early, and be back home that same evening in time to catch the football game. Hopefully everyone can get a chance to check this ride out this Fall, and get a little much needed two wheel therapy!


With the weather finally starting to cool off, be sure to swing by the shop and check out our selection of vests and leathers. All custom made by First Manufacturing Co. with a lifetime warranty on zippers and buttons, and at a fraction of the cost!

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Ride with us next Thursday, October 18th to Center Street Tavern in Acworth, Ga to enjoy some dinner and drinks! As always meet up at the shop and get 10% off in store merchandise purchases between 6-7p.m. Kick stands up by 7:15!

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